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Le varietà di New Fruits®


FragolAurea (NF 149)*

Origin: New Fruits - Italy. *European patent n° EU 48959.

Picking period: medium-late (+6 days Alba).

Best use:  open field cultivation, thanks to its good resistance to rain damages and the low susceptibility to Botrytis.
Good results also in tunnel cultivation.

Strenght: rustic and compact plant, resistant to the most common root diseases, with low susceptibility to mildew (Oidium f.). The fruit is uniform and bright, with high consistency and good shelf life, suitable for retail and wholesale market. Good productivity with low percentage of misshapen fruits.

Weakness: many chilling cool hours requirement during the winter to obtain the best results. Early plantation is adviced.


News Fruits is a private Italian company specialized in the genetic improvement of strawberries in order to create new varieties.

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